Punggol Waterway Banks – 5 Fun Facts You May Not Know

Punggol Waterway Banks – 4 Amazing Facts You May Not Know

Punggol Waterway Banks residents, are you familiar with your residential estate?

Built by the meandering Punggol waterway, staying at Punggol Waterway Banks must be kind of tranquil and nice. After all, it is the waterfront living as promised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). While commuting might not be the most convenient, having amenities nearby make up for it. All things considered, building your home nest shouldn’t seem like a blunder.

Are you glad to live at Punggol Waterway Banks? We would believe so. If you need more reasons to love the precinct you now called home, here are some fun facts for you!

5 Fun Facts About Punggol Waterway Banks:

waterway banks green landscape

1. Features eco-friendly designs

In line with plans to develop Punggol as an Eco-Town, Punggol Waterway Banks feature eco-friendly designs in a sustainable environment:

  1. Sustainable and recycled products are used in certain parts of the development;
  2. Separate refuse chutes are provided for recyclable wastes;
  3. Motion sensor lights are installed at common staircases to reduce energy consumption;
  4. A rainwater harvesting system is provided to store rainwater for washing of common areas;
  5. Bio-swales are designed in the landscape to help maintain the quality of surface runoff from rainwater before discharging into the drainage system;
  6. Bicycle stands are provisioned to encourage the use of these environmentally friendly modes of transport.

  • 673A waterway banks playground
  • 673A waterway banks playground
  • 673A waterway banks playground
  • 673A waterway banks playground
  • 673A waterway banks playground

2. Has the first custom playground in a public housing estate

Take one look at the playground in front of 673B and you could tell it is unique and different from the other playgrounds. It doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that it is the first custom playground to be introduced to a public housing estate!

The highlight of this playground is its flower-shaped net that emerged out of a play hill with crawl tunnels and embankment slides. A trampoline and a vertical playground were also installed to promote physical and cognitive play. But perhaps the most fascinating part of this playground is how kids can experiment with sound and hear how sound waves move.

There is a parabolic dish, consisting of two vertical stainless-steel dishes, which creates an acoustic space for reflecting and focusing sound. Sound waves can be generated by clapping and stopped with a wave of the hand. The Speaking Dish encourages cognitive play while communicating through tubes interconnected underground in pairs. The little ones will hear how the sound of their voices is affected by the resonant frequency of the tubes when they whisper, sing or speak through the open ends. The Slapped pipes create percussive tones of the scale when they slapped the ends of the pipes with sandals.

  • punggol sunrise rn virtual durian party 2020
  • punggol sunrise rn virtual durian party 2020

3. Residents had a virtual Durian Party

Leave it to Singaporeans to find a way to enjoy durians, even during a pandemic!

On 27 June 2020, residents from Punggol Waterway Banks had a virtual durian party with their neighbours (Waterway Brooks) on the other side of the waterway. 500 g of dehusked durians were delivered to participating residents. Organised by Punggol Sunrise RN, the party included a live demonstration on how to open durians. Residents also got to use this opportunity to break the ice and exchange tips on eating durians.

Punggol Sunrise RN is a group of volunteers striving to improve the lives of fellow neighbours living at Punggol Waterway Banks & Punggol Waterway Brooks. If you haven’t, you should follow them on Facebook to get the latest scoops in the community. Some past events organised include the virtual lantern making workshop and children’s day celebration.


4. The Skool4Kidz Preschool @ 673A is a recognised healthy preschool

The Healthy Pre-School Programme (HPS) accords accreditation to preschools which have comprehensive school health promotion practices for students, parents and staff. And the school at Punggol Waterway Banks is the only Skool4Kidz school in Punggol to be awarded the Platinum accreditation.

A health-promoting school contributes to better health and education outcomes for its pupils. Research has shown that health promotion in early childhood is vital for the prevention of infectious diseases and developing good habits in childhood – particularly on nutrition, physical activity and social-emotional development.

Participating preschools are assessed based on these criteria:

  1. Supported environment (Provide healthy meals and facilitate active movement time);
  2. Targeted intervention (Help overweight children maintain a healthy lifestyle); and
  3. Capacity building (Integrate health in curriculum and train teachers to plan health activities. Engage parents in health promotion).

5. Has two sky terraces with a view to boot

Last but not least, Waterway Banks has two beautiful sky terraces. Located on the roof of two residential blocks (671B and 673A), they are the ideal vantage points to take in the scenic view of the waterway!

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