The Verandah at Matilda – 5 Cool Facts You May Not Know

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The Verandah at Matilda - 5 Cool Facts You May Not Know

Verandah at Matilda residents, are you familiar with your residential estate?

Fairly far-off from Punggol Central, staying at The Verandah at Matilda should be kinda nice. Away from the hustle and bustle, you get to enjoy some quietude at home and avoid throngs of people. While commuting can be a little troublesome, having amenities nearby make up for it. Connectivity between neighbouring precincts is also a non-issue. All in all, building your home nest here doesn’t seem like a wrong decision.

Are you proud to live at The Verandah at Matilda? We would think so. Here are 5 things you may not know about the precinct you now called home!

5 Cool Facts About The Verandah at Matilda:

  • the verandah @ matilda punggol
  • the verandah @ matilda open community room
  • the verandah @ matilda pavilion
  • the verandah @ matilda verandah
  • verandah @ matilda
  • the verandah @ matilda rooftop garden

1. The Beautiful Architecture

The Verandah at Matilda is inspired by the architecture of the historical Matilda House.

Constructed in 1902, Matilda House is one of the oldest houses in Singapore. It originally belonged to Alexander Cashin, whose family history in Singapore can be traced back to the early 1840s. The tropical bungalow has entrances on two sides of the main building, with long verandahs that offer extensive views out onto the sea back then. Today, after being restored, it serves as the clubhouse of the residential condominium complex, “A Treasure Trove”.

The influence of Matilda House is reflected on the façade of The Verandah at Matilda, with the collonaded verandahs, green lawn and lush surroundings mimicking the colonial-era bungalow and its surrounding.

  • the verandah @ matilda outdoor community room
  • the verandah @ matilda fitness corner
  • the verandah @ matilda pavilion
  • the verandah @ matilda stone footpath
  • the verandah @ matilda playground
  • the verandah @ matilda carpark
  • the verandah @ matilda handicap feature
  • verandah @ matilda elevated landscape
  • verandah @ matilda verandahs

2. Universal Design Mark GoldPLUS Award Winner

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Universal Design Mark Awards recognises developments that have gone beyond meeting minimum standards by integrating Universal Design (UD) features into design to enhance accessibility and user-friendliness.

With the impending silver tsunami, considerate features such as barrier-free routes within the precinct, ramps at the entrance to the flat and toilets, as well as wider internal corridors for wheel-chair movement become more necessary. They help to create inclusive, well-designed and user-friendly living environments for residents of different abilities and ages.

The Verandah at Matilda was awarded the Universal Design Mark Award (GoldPLUS) in 2018. The key UD features are:

  1. Common amenities are located on an elevated landscape deck to separate vehicular traffic from pedestrian circulation so that children and seniors can enjoy amenities safely.
  2. The verandah concept connects adjacent developments and amenities seamlessly while providing residents with a green and car-free environment.
  3. Community spaces – such as pavilion with an open lawn and outdoor community rooms – are located at spill-out corridors and fitted with inclusive furniture of varying heights and grab bars.
  4. Car parks are coloured-coded so residents can identify their blocks easily.

  • the verandah @ matilda rubbish chutes
  • the verandah @ matilda staircase fitted with LED lights
  • the verandah @ matilda lifts
  • the verandah @ matilda rainwater harvest

3. Green Mark GoldPLUS Award Winner

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Awards are awarded to developers, building owners and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in environmental sustainability in the built environment.

In 2016, The Verandah at Matilda was awarded GoldPLUS for weaving the following green features into its design:

  1. estimated energy savings: 1,144,000 kWh/yr;
  2. estimated water savings: 18,000 m3/yr; RETV: 20.29 W/m2;
  3. provision of solar photovoltaic system to generate power for common services of residential blocks;
  4. centralised chutes for recyclables;
  5. rainwater harvesting system to collect rainwater for plant irrigation and common area washing;
  6. provision of regenerative lifts; and
  7. use of LED light fittings for common area and LED light fittings with motion sensor at staircase half landings

matilda community resource corner

4. Community Resource Corner for Residents

Need to do some handy work but realise you do not have a specific tool? Or not enough chairs for your upcoming party? Instead of buying, head across to the Community Resource Corner to borrow what you need.

Set up by Matilda Residents’ Network (RN), you can borrow tools such as power drills, spirit levels, trolleys, pressure washer, stools and chairs. Matilda RN is a grassroots organisation set up to serve Matilda Portico and The Verandah at Matilda by sharing any residential issues or activities. You can find the Community Resource Corner at 217C Sumang Walk #01-212.

Who says the kampong spirit is dead?

matilda residents' network photocopy services

5. Photocopying Services for Residents

If there is one service that is nice to have for families yet missing from Matilda, it is photocopying. Matilda Residents’ Network (RN) to the rescue again.

Since 2019, Matilda RN has been providing photocopy services to residents. An A4 B/W photocopy costs 10¢ and a coloured one costs 50¢. Tell us a better place for tiger moms to gather and photocopy past exam papers for their children, we will wait!

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