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estatejio community group buy singapore sg
estatejio group buy singapore sg

EstateJio is a group buy mobile app connecting Singapore’s residential and commercial estates with local business providers.

Why we are building this app?

EstateJio wants to give you a seamless social shopping experience. Using the app, you can view on-going group buys in your vicinity, chat with providers, discuss with neighbours and ultimately, join in.

Want to jio (“invite” in Singaporean dialect, Hokkien) more neighbours onboard? Simply send them the link!

No more messy chat groups and spreadsheets!

Currently, many group buys are organised using messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Potential buyer has to be invited into a group chat and fill up a spreadsheet when ordering. If one joined the group late, they will miss out on the earlier discussion and information. You risk having to explain everything again.

Isn’t that troublesome?

Download the EstateJio app on Apple App Store or Google Play today!

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