Bedok South Horizon – 7 Wonderful Things to Do in Bedok South

Bedok South Singapore
What Can I Do For Fun In Bedok South?
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If you were born and raised in Singapore, you’ll know how Bedok has long been associated with good food, great fun and rich heritage. So naturally, you got excited after securing a BTO unit at Bedok South Horizon. Where else would you rather live in, right?

It’s only when you started researching that you realised all the fun Bedok has to offer is actually located in the North. Bedok Reservoir? The hipster cafés? Ziplines & obstacle courses? All in the North!

And being the largest residential area in Singapore, the more-accessible North isn’t exactly a stone throw away from the South. Now what?

Fret not. While Bedok South may not be as vibrant as its northern counterpart, it still has its charm. Here are some fun things the whole family can look forward to living in Bedok South:

Hill Street Fried Kway Teow Bedok South Singapore sg
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1. Enjoy a plate of sinfully-good char kway teow

One of Singapore’s most iconic dishes, char kway teow can be found in many hawker centres/coffee shops in Singapore. And lucky you, one of the best is located in Bedok South.

Hill Street Fried Kway Teow garnered global attention at the 2017 World Street Food Congress. It is also listed in the Singapore Michelin Guide with a “Michelin Plate”. Unlike most char kway teow, Hill Street prepared theirs via a two-cycle stir-frying method. And what sets itself apart from the rest is the intense flavour of wok hay and the aromatic crispy pork lard. 

Given the stall’s short opening hours and long queues, be prepared to wait at least 20 to 30 minutes during lunchtime!

Location: Bedok South Market & Food Centre, 16 Bedok South Road #01-41, Singapore 460016
Operating Hours: 10:30am – 4:45pm (Tue – Sat only)

Bedok Jetty Singapore sg
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2. Angling at Bedok Jetty

A popular fishing spot, Bedok Jetty at East Coast Park is but a short jaunt away from Bedok South. A former military jetty, the stone-and-concrete pier has sheltered fixtures, stone benches and a walkway that stretches more than 300 metres into the sea.

Due to the long walkway (longest in Singapore), Bedok Jetty provides anglers scalable levels of difficulty. You can attempt shallow water fishing just off the coast, or head further away to the deeper ends for more challenging angling. The catches are also diverse. You can expect tambans and ikan parang in shallow water and rarer finds like barracudas and stingrays in deep water. Of course, patience and some luck are needed to land a big catch.

Other than angling, Bedok Jetty is also a fabulous place to stroll, catch the sunrise or enjoy the waves.

BBQ East Coast Park Singapore sg
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3. Host a BBQ outing at East Coast Park

From fun water sports to bicycle tracks, living near the East Coast Park has its perks. It is also by far the most popular place to have a BBQ. What better way to end a day of recreational activities than to indulge in smokey barbequed delights by the sea?

There are three ways to book a pit at East Coast Park – phone booking, internet booking and via the AXS stations. Each booking is from 12.00pm to 8.00am the following day.

Glamping Society East Coast Park Singapore sg
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4. Try glamping for a night

Hearing ‘glamping’ for the first time? It’s actually a portmanteau, coined from a combination of the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. Basically, glamping is camping in style. After dying out in 2012, this doing-it-for-the-‘gram trend returned back to our shore in 2017.

Since then, Glamping Society became the first to provide Singaporeans with the new and improved glamping experience. The company has 4 different kinds of tents and a multitude of packages, with add-ons to suit your needs and demands.

All the heavy lifting is done by Glamping Society. A package starts from S$270 and can go as high as S$799. The only thing you need to do is to apply for a Camping Permit, which is free of charge.

To complete the glamping experience, consider having a BBQ too! Book a pit (Pit 65 – Pit 76) separately. Besides East Coast Park, you can also glamp with Glamping Society in Punggol.

Location: East Coast Park Area G

Sailing East Coast Park Singapore sg
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5. Learn to sail a boat

For the outdoorsy type, why not consider taking up sailing at East Coast Park? More than just an exhilarating water sport, sailing improves your physical fitness and mental wellness.

The National Sailing Centre gives you the opportunity to be adept with wind and waves. Their sailing programme is open to anyone above the age of seven years old. Lessons include how to rig and de-rig, the fundamentals of tying sailing knots and general knowledge of tides and currents. A 4-day course costs S$535.

Location: National Sailing Centre, 1500 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 468963

NEWater Visitor Centre Singapore sg
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6. See how Singapore reclaims water

Spend a Saturday afternoon at NEWater Visitor Centre to learn how NEWater – reclaimed water produced by Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB) – is produced.

Opened in February 2003, the centre highlights the importance of water and how Singapore leverages on technological advancements to recycle water. Experience what it is like to be a water molecule undergoing treatment and explore the Waterwise Arcade. Through interactive tours to educational workshops, discover the membrane and ultraviolet technologies that make NEWater clean for consumption.

Location: 20 Koh Sek Lim Road, Singapore 486593
Operating Hours: 9.00am – 5.30pm (Tuesdays to Sundays, including public holidays)
Admission: Free

Bedok South at night Singapore sg
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7. Find the #HDBeautiful flats

Who knew you can find Instagram-worthy HDB blocks in Bedok South? The Bedok South Parkview, or colloquially known as Hibiscus flats, on Avenue 2 definitely stands out in a sea of cookie-cutter buildings.

These flats went through the Home Improvement Programme (HIP) in 2010, and as a result, the residents got new clothes drying racks and renovated toilets. The HIP helps residents resolve common maintenance problems of ageing flats, and at least 75% must be in favour of the programme for it to be carried out.

Tip: To get an eye-level hibiscus shot, you need to stand on Block 36 and look out the corridor.

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