6 Places You Can Group Buy Rice Dumplings (With Free Delivery) in 2020

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5 Places You Can Group Buy Rice Dumplings (With Complimentary Delivery)
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Dragon Boat Festival, or the Dumpling Festival, is a traditional Chinese holiday with apocryphal origins dating back to China’s Warring States era. In Singapore, the festival is observed unofficially by the Chinese community and remains synonymous with the pulsating dragon boat drumbeats and fragrant rice dumplings available in a plethora of fillings.

This year, the Dragon Boat Festival falls on Thursday, 25 June. To get the best bang for the buck when buying rice dumplings (bak chang), consider participating in group buys. Some businesses provide free delivery to one address when you spend a certain amount. Unless, of course, you plan on eating rice dumplings continuously for days, jio your neighbours/friends so that you can enjoy the free delivery service!

Group Buy Rice Dumplings From Here To Enjoy Complimentary Delivery

Eastern Rice Dumpling rice dumplings singapore sg 2020
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1. Eastern Rice Dumpling (Dong Yuan)

Let’s start with the most affordable of the bunch. Eastern Rice Dumpling – or Dong Yuan – is a third-generation business whose recipe has been passed down for about 30 years. They have the standard Nyonya Dumplings ($3.80) and the Hokkien Dumplings ($3.80) as well as niche ones like Black Eye Beans Mushroom ($3.20) and vegetarian dumplings ($3.20).

The minimum order increases closer to the Dragon Boat Festival. Hence, organize your group buy accordingly. From 1 – 18 June, you can enjoy free delivery for orders above $100. It rises to $150 from 19 – 22 June. Finally, your order has to hit $200 to enjoy this service from 23 – 25 June.

More info/order online here – website

kampung senang multigrain rice dumplings singapore sg 2020
<Photo Credit: Kampung Senang>

2. Kampung Senang

Hit two birds with one stone when you buy rice dumplings from Kampung Senang, an eco-conscious charity organization. Proceeds from the sale of dumplings will go into supporting Kampung Senang operating costs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Kampung Senang Multigrain Dumplings ($7) is a special recipe by their experienced chefs. If you wish to buy the dumplings for the less privileged group or Kampung Senang beneficiaries, you can make a cash donation (through PayNow, UEN S99SS0044C) indicating that the donation is to purchase the dumplings for the less privileged or KS beneficiaries.

To order, please call 6749 8509. Enjoy free delivery when your order hits $70.

More info here – website

Jade restaurant rice dumplings singapore sg 2020
<Photo Credit: Jade Restaurant>

3. Jade Signatures

Jade restaurant has offered diners authentic Cantonese cuisine for the past eleven years. This Dragon Boat Festival, you can look forward to Chinese Executive Chef Leong Chee Yeng’s Jade Originals Dumplings creations.

Be salivated by the extravagant Traditional Hong Kong Style Abalone Treasure Glutinous Rice Dumpling ($48). A veritable bounty of flavours, this rice dumpling is filled with goodies like ten-head abalone, roast duck and roast pork belly. If you find it too decadent, go for the popular Jade’s Signature Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Five-Spice Pork ($9) or give Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Turmeric Pork and Black-Eyed Pea ($9) a try. Its brilliant yellow colour, as a result of the use of turmeric powder, is calling out to all gastronomes!

From 6 – 25 June, to enjoy free delivery for your group buy, you will need at least a $100 order in a single receipt. Pre-order ends on 22 June.

More info/order online here – website

yàn rice dumplings singapore sg 2020
<Photo Credit: Yàn>

4. Yàn

Using premium seafood as the centrepiece, chef Ng Sen Tio elevates rice dumplings from traditional food to decadent indulgence.

To headline the Dragon Boat Festival this year, you have the Abalone and Fish Maw Rice Dumpling ($28.80). This palatial dumpling contains sea cucumber and fish maw, stewed till tender in a special eight-head abalone broth. Alternatively, relish in the umami taste of the Shrimp and Scallop in XO Sauce Rice Dumpling ($18.80). The aromatic dumpling is packed with whole Australian scallops, wild-caught prawns and succulent braised pork belly that has been fried with garlic and dried shrimps.

For vegans, the Preserved Vegetables with Heura Chicken Rice Dumpling ($10.80) has a heartiness remarkably similar to those made with real meat. Strips of plant-based Heura chicken are seasoned and stir-fried, then folded into preserved mustard greens (梅菜) imported specially from Hong Kong and simmered for two hours.

From 8 – 25 June, enjoy free delivery for orders above $80 – a relatively easy sum to hit when you group buy.

More info/order online here – website

li bai rice dumplings singapore sg 2020
<Photo Credit: Li Bai>

5. Li Bai

This Dragon Boat Festival, Chung Yiu Ming, Executive Chef of Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, draws inspiration from homely Teochew meals he had throughout his childhood for the restaurant’s “decadent collection of homemade rice dumpling creations for fine palatial indulgence”.

The Abalone and Pumpkin Rice Dumpling ($50) illustrates the finest side of Teochew cuisine. Expect a veritable bounty of delights – courtesy of abalone, conpoy, pork belly, char siew, salted egg yolk and pumpkin – when you dig into one of these delicacies. The Teochew Rice Dumpling ($48) recalls a simpler time. It pays homage to time-honoured Teochew cooking style with ingredients like conpoy, braised peanuts, tofu, salted egg yolk and stewed duck.

From 8 – 25 June, get free delivery for your group buy when you spend a minimum of $80.

More info/order online here – website

hai tien lo rice dumplings singapore sg 2020
<Photo Credit: Hai Tien Lo>

6. Hai Tien Lo

Hai Tien Lo’s glorious selection of premium handcrafted rice dumplings comes in five flavourful indulgences thoughtfully crafted by Executive Chef Ben Zeng and Dim Sum Chef Ho Kam Fai.

The signature (and generous) rice dumpling Traditional Jumbo Rice Dumpling ($33.80) is handcrafted with wholesome ingredients like succulent pork belly, Japanese mushrooms, dried scallops, salted egg yolk, chestnuts, green beans and lotus seeds. One dumpling is enough to serve up to six people – perfect for sharing with loved ones!

New for Dragon Boat Festival 2020, the Grain Dumpling with Cordyceps Flowers ($8.80) is a delicacy rich in texture and nutrition. Comprises of green beans, black sesame, barley, corn, peanuts and premium rice, the addition of sweet Cordyceps flowers elevates an-already flavourful delight to greater heights.

Other crave-inducing flavours include the Cantonese Pork Dumpling ($13.80) that contains pork belly, salted egg yolk and green beans, the umami-packed Classic Pork Belly and Salted Fish Dumpling ($16.80) as well as the Traditional Nyonya Dumpling ($9.80) filled with pork, candied melon, Japanese mushrooms, shallots and garlic.

To achieve free delivery for your group buy, spend a minimum of $100 from now til 25 June.

More info/order online here – website

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