7 Great Christmas Group Buy Ideas

7 Great Christmas Group Buy Ideas

We might not get snow or reindeer in Singapore, but Christmas is still a very big deal here.

Every December, Orchard Road, Singapore’s main shopping belt is beautifully lit up, ramping up the festive mood. Malls decked out in holiday cheer will be packed with people eager to strike items off their shopping list. Together with the Yuletide menus that restaurants are serving, Christmas hits the right spots when it comes to Singapore’s favourite pastimes – hitting the malls and eating.

However, Christmas is not all about buying and receiving gifts. At the heart of the holiday, it is about sharing and spreading joy. Which is why it is also the time family and friends get together. Be it a casual dinner or a dazzling party, you are likely to host (or be invited) to a few each year.

Have you ever considered participating in group buys when looking for Christmas’ products and services? Here are some things you can consider joining/starting a group buy to enjoy bulk pricing.

P.S. Talk to Business Providers you trust and know to see if creating a group buy for your local community is possible!

Christmas Group Buy Ideas:

christmas tree mason home decor singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Masons Home Décor>

1. Artificial Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas trees, getting a fake is probably the more reasonable choice. After all, they are easy to set up and are designed to provide you with the best experience for many years to come. Artificial trees are also reusable, perfectly proportioned, hypoallergenic and not prone to spontaneous combustion.

By the way, do you know that the history of Christmas trees goes back to the symbolic use of evergreens in ancient Egypt and Rome and continues with the German tradition of candlelit Christmas trees first brought to America in the 1800s?

Examples: Masons Home Décor, Vanda Win

christmas ornaments
<Photo Credit: Homecrux>

2. Christmas Tree Decoration

Now that you’ve got your Christmas tree, it is in dire need of some holiday cheer!

There are so many different ways you can transform your evergreen. Create your perfectly-trimmed tree with help from necessities such as ornaments, garland, tree skirts, tree toppers and twinkle lights.

Example: Vanda Win, Party Wholesale, Henry Christmas

christmas wreaths
<Photo Credit: The Honeycombers>

3. Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths have been used as a Christmas decorative sign for centuries. They are made of evergreens, like pine branches or holly and decorated with pine cones, holly berries and fruits. Commonly found on doors, over the mantle, or hung on windows, wreaths are symbols of growth and the never-ending circle of life.

Fun Fact: For many Christians, the wreath represents Jesus Christ’s suffering and the eternal life. The wreath represented the thorns worn by Christ on the cross and the tiny red berries represent Christ’s blood. When Christians hang a wreath on their door or in their window, it’s an invitation for Christ to come into their home.

Examples: Mason Home Décor, Floral Magic, Henry Christmas

christmas antler headband freepik
<Photo Credit: Freepik>

4. Christmas Reindeer Headbands

Plush reindeer headbands are a festive addition to costumes or a fun idea all by themselves. You can’t really call it a Christmas party when no one is donning a cute antler headband!

Examples: Party Wholesale, AZ Gift & Trading

christmas santa hat
<Photo Credit: Brett Sayles from Pexels>

5. Santa Hats

Santa hats are also must-haves come Christmas time. Like reindeer headbands, there beautiful red hats, with white furry trimmings and a white pompom, are quintessential in getting people into the jolly spirit.

Fun Fact: The modern-day Santa Claus is an anglicised, ragtag character based on Sinterklaas, Father Christmas and Saint Nicholas. Born around the year 270, Saint Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra, a town in what is now Turkey, and has a habit of secret gift-giving.

Examples: Party Wholesale, AZ Gift & Trading

christmas stocking
<Photo Credit: HoneyKids Asia>

6. Christmas Stockings

You need an actual stocking for the perfect stocking stuffer. From classic red and green to colourful pom poms and the nondescripts, stockings are synonymous with gifting. Hang them from your mantel, staircase, or wall the night before, and the kids will know exactly what to expect come Christmas morning!

Fun Fact: The tradition of hanging stockings has an apocryphal origin. It was said that Saint Nicholas slid down the chimney to put gold coins in the stockings of three poor sisters. Since then, children have hung up their Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve, hoping to find them filled with gifts in the morning.

Examples: AZ Gift & Trading, Lim Hock Swee Christmas Tree & Decorations Trading Co

christmas log cake
<Photo Credit: Waterway Point>

7. Log Cakes

Christmas is never quite complete without the festive log cake. Also known as a Yule log, this sponge cake traditionally has a “tree bark” chocolate finish. Today, log cakes can come in all sort of designs. The sky is the limit!

Fun Fact: Ever wonder why of all things, a log? It turns out that people during the Iron Age would celebrate the end of the winter solstice by burning logs. When burning logs became impractical and baking log cakes took over.

Examples: Yume Pâtisserie, Bread N’ Better, Yours Sincerely Bakery

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