4 Popular Community Group Buys on WhatsApp in Singapore

4 Popular Community Group Buys on WhatsApp in Singapore

Community group buys on WhatsApp are thriving in Singapore’s heartlands. It is easy to see why. Other than enjoying bulk pricing, consumers come together to buy niche and uncommon products. Here are 4 popular group buys on WhatsApp you should know.

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4 Popular Community Group Buys on WhatsApp

Fresh SG community group buy singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Fresh SG>

1. Fresh SG

You can’t talk about community group buys on WhatsApp without mentioning Fresh SG Pte Ltd – the original company that started estate WhatsApp group chats.

Started in November 2017, Fresh SG has over 50 estate groups and private groups (for condominiums, companies, schools, ministries and religious groups). The company sources its produce from farmer, importers and wholesalers around the world.

How does it works?

Fresh SG announces the selection of fruits and vegetables. Select your preferred WhatsApp estate group to join from their Facebook page, then look out for the selection of fruits. The food list changes constantly and is dependent on the season and stock from farms.

Your host will start order list – either directly in the WhatsApp group chat or use online forms – and announce orders closing date. Once the orders have been finalised, make your payment via Paylah, Paynow or cash upon collection. When ready, the items will be delivered straight from the cold room to the host collection point.

Delivery usually happens on Thursdays and you will be notified to pick up your order. Don’t forget to bring along your own recycle bag!

H&Z Global fruits community group buy singapore sg
<Picture Credit: H&Z Global>

2. H&Z Global Fruits

Another fruits contender, H & Z Global Pte Ltd is a one-stop fruits supplier known for the highest quality fruits regardless of time and season. They bring the “freshest air-flown and unbroken cold chain fruits directly from farm” to your table.

With over 100 collection points, H & Z Global is one of the more popular (and active) group buys on WhatsApp. The company recruits group buy hosts from various residential estates across the island to promote fruits and take to orders weekly.

How does it works?

Join an H & Z WhatsApp estate group chat to enjoy what they have to offer. You can ask for the link by messaging the company on its Facebook page. Each group is named after its location. In each group chat, you will find a handful of hosts.

For your convenience, place your order with the community group buy host closest to you. Once you made a purchase, simply wait for further instructions to pay and to collect your order from the group host’s house. The fruits list is updated weekly on every Monday night.

Orders are typically closed on Wednesday, 10am for delivery and collection on Thursdays. For delivery and collection at the end of the week, orders will be closed on Thursday, 10am.

bee sim pau community group buy singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Bee Sim>

3. Bee Sim Pau

Bee Sim 美心 has been at the heart of Singapore’s traditional Pau and Dim Sum scene since 1978. It is a multi-generational business built upon strict food quality and customer satisfaction.

Bee Sim managed to reach a narrower group of audiences by establishing multiple private community group buys on WhatsApp, allowing neighbours to buy buns and dim sums

How does it works?

Contact Bee Sim on WhatsApp at +65 63164438 and give them your postal code. They will match you to the closest community group buy private group. After the host invited you into the chat, you may begin to order. Follow the instructions as per advised by the host.

LILO food powder community group buy singapore sg
<Photo Credit: LILO>

4. LILO Premium Food Powder

It’s no secret toddlers can have fussy eating habits. LILO stepped up to the challenge and created something nutritious children will like. The product? Premium food powder.

LILO is known for its ikan bilis food powder. Ikan bilis are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals your little ones need to build a healthy body system. They also contain DHA that is essential for a child’s brain development. Besides ikan bilis, LILO also produces shiitake mushroom, scallop and whitebait food powder in their NEA-approved factory.

How does it works?

It is not hard to find Lilo food powder group buys on WhatsApp. Started by many eager moms in private groups, LILO is awarded and recognized by Parent’s World Singapore to be the Best Nutritious Food Seasoning Powders in 2020.

If you would like to start your own group buy within your community, this is what you need to know:

  1. Premium Ikan Bilis Powder (50 g) – S$15
  2. Ikan Bilis Refill Pack (55 g) – $15
  3. Premium Whitebait Powder (50 g) – $18
  4. Whitebait Refill Pack – (55 g) – $18
  5. Premium Mushroom Powder (50 g) – S$25
  6. Mushroom Refill Pack – (55 g) – $25
  7. Premium Scallop Powder (50 g) – S$35
  8. Scallop Refill Pack – (55 g) – $35

You can mix your purchases. For every 20 bottles/refill packs, you are qualified for 10% off. Above 50 bottles/refill pack, it will be 15% off. Finally, for 100 bottles/refill pack and above, you can enjoy 20% off. Orders will be sent to one location. Group buy host get one extra free set per 100 units closed.

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