8 Simple Reasons Why Digital Locks Are Worth Every Penny!

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8 Simple Reasons Why Digital Locks Are Worth Every Penny EstateJio Singapore sg

When Yale Singapore started selling digital locks in 2005, sales were disheartening. Only around 2000 pieces were sold that year. However, by 2017, they are selling 12 times that number. Clearly, more and more Singaporeans are adopting digital door lock and ditching bulky keys for their home security.

A digital lock works like a traditional one, but smarter and more convenient.

Unless you are adept at picking locks with a hairpin, the only way to unlock one is with a key. This means that you will most certainly have to bring your key out with you every day. For the modern, tech-savvy homeowner, this ‘one-way to unlock your door’ routine is not only antiquated but poses as an inconvenience. What happens if you misplace the key?

A digital lock usually provides you with more than one access mode. Currently, in the market, there are three main access modes – typing passcode on the keypad, biometric (fingerprint) or Bluetooth (using a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone).

8 Reasons why you should have a digital lock

If you’re reading this, you’re probably still on the fence about splurging on a digital lock. According to Reno Lim, owner of Locksmith Singapore, people are appreciating the convenience digital locks bring. Here are 8 reasons why we think digital is the way to go!

1. No more rummaging through pockets or bags to find your key

Woman rummaging through her bag

Have you ever wonder how many steps may be involved in opening a front door?

Search for the keys in your bag, pick the right key, accidentally drop the key, try to fit your key into the slot but realize it is upside down, turn your key but in the wrong direction…

A digital lock allows you to access your home easily and in one simple step: biometrics, enter a numerical passcode or simply have your already-synched smartphone close!

2. No more locking the door or leaving the key in the lock

key left in the door lock

Have you ever forgotten to lock the door on your way out? Or foolishly left your key in the lock, only to realise some time later? Well, you are certainly not the only one guilty of these blunders. This can happen to anyone.

With a digital lock, your door will automatically lock when closes; eliminating the risk of forgetting to lock the door every time you exit or enter your home.

3. Forgetting to bring your key is not a problem

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Do you always forget your keys and have to loiter outside until someone comes back? With a digital lock, this is avoidable. All you have to do is key in a passcode, scan your fingerprint or unlock via your smartphone.

4. No need to worry about losing your key

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Losing your key can be a worrisome experience. And replacing one ain’t cheap. Since a physical key is not necessary to unlock a digital lock, you effectively remove this problem from your household!

5. No need to carry a key

holding a bunch of keys

Carrying a key (or a bunch of keys) around with you can be cumbersome. With a digital lock, simply place your finger on the digital lock sensor or type in your PIN code for easy and secure access.

6. No need for spare keys

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With a digital lock, there is no need to duplicate keys for each member of the family. This saves you from the expenses and hassle of finding a locksmith or key cutter.

7. Added security features

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There are other useful features found in digital locks that make them even more appealing. They include an alarm that will sound off in the event of a break-in attempt, fire alarm, multi-user access, programmes and apps to track movement, as well as generating a one-time visitor code.

8. Tougher to break in than traditional lock

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Compared to your traditional lock, digital ones are considerably harder to bypass or break-in by intruders and burglars.

With the advancement in technology, digital locks are becoming more and more reliable. They also come with additional features you cannot get from a traditional mechanical lock. It is no surprise many people are going digital!

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