10 Father’s Day Group Buy Gift Ideas

10 Father's Day Group Buy Gift Ideas

This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, 20 June. Like your mom, your dad deserves great gifts too!

Whether you are considering a gift or something extra to supplement your actual gift, we’ve got you covered. Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas that will make the day all the more special for the old man!

P.S. Talk to Business Providers you trust and know to see if they can offer group buy so you and your neighbours (or friends) can buy at bulk-pricing!

Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

Simply Hamper singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Simply Hamper>

1. Gift a Gourmet Hamper

One gift idea this Father’s day is to treat dad to a neat gourmet hamper. Everyone enjoys a good delicious snack, even dear old dad. From savoury nibbles to sweet treats and wine, there is a good variety of options to suit different tastes.

And knowing dad, he wants nothing more than to share these gastronomic delights with the ones he loves!

Examples: Gift Hampers, Simply Hamper

bonsai workhop
<Photo Credit: Asia Pacific Gardening>

2. Dad-Child Bonsai Workshop

Rather than simply buying a bonsai tree as a gift, why not join a bonsai workshop together so that you can spend some quality time with dad?

Get those green fingers working while you learn about the fundamentals of bonsai, and be introduced to essential techniques like pruning, wiring and potting. Not only is a bonsai workshop a great bonding activity, but you’ll also be able to bring home your own miniature plant!

Examples: Green Chapter Shop, Love in a Bottle, Boh’s Bonsai

terrarium workshop singapore sg

3. Dad-Child Terrarium Workshop

Okay, maybe a bonsai can be a little high maintenance and can take up a bit of space. How about a terrarium instead? At least they are smaller and could be personalized planters for his desk or bookshelf!

Unlike the usual potted plant, a terrarium is a collection of small plants growing in a glass dome. It can become completely self-sustaining once an equilibrium in its internal water content has been reached.

Examples: The Orijean, J2 Terrarium, EcoPonics

My Art Space paint workshop singapore sg
<Photo Credit: My Art Space>

4. Art Jamming Session

If green fingers don’t run in the family, perhaps the creative bone does? An art-jamming session is a fun, therapeutic and memorable experience the both of you won’t soon forget!

Help your dad channel his creative energy onto a blank canvas. If you are hard-pressed for a subject to paint, try a portrait of your father. It might seem corny but he will be secretly touched, trust us.

Examples: Heartroom Gallery, Streaks ‘n’ Strokes, My Art Space

The Fragment Room
<Photo Credit: 8 Days>

5. A Trip to a Rage Room

Thanks to toxic masculinity, men in our society can have a lot of pent-up emotions. What if there is a safe space for them to release and let loose, like a rage room? This Father’s Day, bring dad (and his emotional baggage) to a rage room for a wrecking good time!

A rage room provides a space for him to vent about the bad and the ugly while smashing items or hurling axes. And even if dear old dad is a pacifist, we’re sure he will still find it strangely cathartic to just throw things around, just for the fun of it.

Examples: The Fragment Room, Splat Paint House, The Axe Factor

men's spa treatment
<Photo Credit: Expat Living Singapore>

6. Spa & Wellness Treatment

Like most dads, yours has been putting the needs of the family first for so long, of course, he has been neglecting himself. Well, it’s time to reward the man of the hour for his hard work and dedication.

For starter, pamper your old man with a Father’s Day spa gift – one that relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the body – to show how much you appreciate all the way he loves and supports you. There’s no shame about a grown man indulging in a little TLC, okay!

Examples: Urban Homme, For HIM Men’s Spa, Ikeda Spa

men's pedicure

7. Manicure & Pedicure

“The mark of a truly well-spruced gent lies in the finer details, and one of the most important out of them is a set of perfectly groomed nails.”

Channel News Asia

Truer words have never been spoken. Time to throw antiquated gender stereotypes out the window, and let your dad enjoys having his fingernails and toenails professionally groomed on Father’s Day.

And if you ever need a reason – apart from cosmetics – to convince your dad, tell him mani-pedis can actually improve the health of his nails, even nixing nasty problems such as calluses and ingrown toenails, both of which tend to be problems many men are experiencing!

Examples: The Nail Status, M’Pir The Nail Bar

J-Artisans leather workshop Singapore sg
<Photo Credit: J-Artisans>

8. Handmade Small Leather Goods

There’s an ineffable feeling when receiving a handmade gift that is one of a kind. So put down that sleek Berluti cardholder meant for dad and choose to present him with a handmade one instead.

Simply enrol in a workshop to understand the savoir-faire behind leather crafts. Then spend the day in an atelier picking up hands-on artisan skills, from learning the basics of leather crafting to cutting, sewing and finishing your very own leather goods.

At the end of the class, present what you have made to dad. While the cardholder you made is unlikely to match the quality of a Berluti’s, the time and effort you took to make it will most definitely earn you the extra brownie points!

Examples: Atelier Lodge, Maketh Project, Crafune, J-Artisans

<Photo Credit: Tian Yuan Xiang>

9. Chicken Essence

Health is the greatest gift you can give your dad. So any present that comes with health benefits naturally makes a good Father’s Day gift. Like chicken essence!

Chicken essence has long been a traditional remedy for fatigue in many Asian households. The benefits have been well-documented. For example, a 2013 Japanese study concludes that daily intake of chicken essence, which is rich in anserine and carnosine, could be effective for the recovery from mental fatigue for healthy males.

Examples: Hao Yi Kang, Tian Yuan Xiang, Lao Xie Zhen

ginseng roots

10. Ginseng Essence

Another excellent Father’s Day gift is ginseng essence. For centuries, ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has beneficial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to help fight fatigue and promote energy. Other known benefits of ginseng include reducing risks of certain cancers as well as improving brain functions like memory, behaviour and mood. Perfect for new, working and retired fathers!

Examples: Hao Yi Kang

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