Why Group Buy Hosts use EstateJio Group Buy App? 7 Reasons to Convince You!

7 Good Reasons You Should Host Your Group Buy on EstateJio, NOT WhatsApp!

Treat group buy like online shopping. With the EstateJio group buy app, you no longer have to ask members to fill up Google forms or combine orders manually. WhatsApp us @ 8881 0608 to give it a try!

Are you a group buy host? Or do you need a platform to host your group buy lobang? Do it on EstateJio group buy app!

Use our “Host a Jio” feature to create your group buy listing instead of relying on a text messaging platform.

1. What is “Host a Jio”?

In the context of EstateJio, a Jio (“invite” in Hokkien) is a group buy invitation. Basically, to host a Jio means you want to use the EstateJio platform to conduct your private group buy.

For illustration purposes, we will use the following scenario to explain:

screenshot of a group buy chat complaint

You are a group buy host for Fruits SG, a Singaporean fruits company. Every week, you are taking group buy orders for your group. However, you (or your group members) find it laborious and messy to consolidate/place orders through Whatsapp and a spreadsheet. To help yourself, use the “Host a Jio” feature on EstateJio group buy app to create a group buy (Jio).

Invite buyers to sign up (it’s free!) and place their orders via a shareable link. When the group buy closes, just download the order list and send it to Fruits SG. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

2. Why should you host on EstateJio Group Buy App?

2.1 Members can place order like they are shopping online

The “Host a Jio” feature allows you to streamline the order-taking process. Instead of sharing the order list publicly, EstateJio group buy app lets members place an order like how one would go about doing it when shopping online.

Learn how members can use the EstateJio group buy app here.

2.2 No need to manually consolidate orders

Some hosts like to take orders using Google forms, others like members to PM them. This means a higher chance of you making a careless mistake, or a buyer may accidentally change or delete another’s order. With the EstateJio group buy app, let us take care of who orders what for you!

2.3 Access to detailed order list with a tap of a button

Host can view order list of a group buy

Once the group buy closes, simply export the order list. In turn, you can submit it to the Business Provider. It is that simple!

view all ongoing group buys

2.4 All active group buys visible to members

A problem with messaging platforms, like WhatsApp, is that one cannot see the conversation that happened before he/she joined. So, newcomers will miss out on certain information. With the EstateJio group buy app, all your active group buys are visible to members, even the ones they are unaware of!

2.5 No need to backup your information

Everything is stored on EstateJio’s server. If you ever misplaced your phone, you still can use another phone to log in, or simply contact us to help you retrieve everything.

2.6 Member’s privacy is protected

Some people may be deterred from joining your group buy on WhatsApp because they are not comfortable with having their contact number becoming public knowledge. By using the EstateJio group buy app, personal information is kept private to all. As a host, you can only have access when you export the order list after the group buy has closed.

2.7 WhatsApp is NOT ideal for doing business

Let’s face it, it is annoying to receive notifications constantly on your texting app. Even worse if you have to scroll up and down to see what you’ve missed. We say leave WhatsApp for socializing and use the EstateJio group buy app to manage your group buys!

3. How to Use EstateJio Group Buy App?

EstateJio group buy app is quick to set up and easy to use!

4. What hosts are saying about EstateJio Group Buy App?

One of our first hosts to use EstateJio for their group buy, Fiona has easily completed 9 group buys in just 2 weeks!

Fiona comment on EstateJio

“EstateJio saves me a lot of time when consolidating orders and calculating the total payment. It is also much easier for residents to know what are my current on-going group buys!”

Fiona, Group Buy Host for Fiona’s Bishan Group Buy

“The best thing about joining EstateJio is I can see all of my host’s group buys (of the week) on a single page. I came in to check out a different group buy, but ended up ordering croissants from Brother Bird Bakehouse instead!😋

Fred, member of Fiona’s Bishan Group Buy

5. Give it a try, it’s free!

Interested to give EstateJio group buy app a try? WhatsApp us @ 8881 0608!

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