EstateJio Provider App User Guide – Post & Manage Your Group Buy in 4 Easy Steps!

EstateJio Provider App User Guide - Post & Manage Your Group Buy in 4 Easy Steps!

Learn how to create group buy offer on the EstateJio provider app.

As a Business Provider, posting your group buy offer on EstateJio increases your market exposure. Our members are made up of residents in both housing estates and commercial estates. After your group buy goes live, our members can band together and make a bulk purchase.

Using the EstateJio Provider app to post your group buys is simple. Once you downloaded the “EstateJio Provider” app and have successfully signed up, you are one step closer to creating your very first group buy offer with us!

1. Understanding EstateJio Lingo

Knowing these terms helps you to understand how EstateJio works:

Offer – An Offer is a community group buy deal that you are offering to estates on EstateJio. You get to set the group buy target(s) and duration.

Jio – A Jio is an Offer initiated by an EstateJio member. It is automatically
created from the Offer for an estate when a member places an order. Other members in the same estate will be able to join in the Jio to hit the target you have set.

estatejio provider app step by step guide

2. User Guide for EstateJio Provider app

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2.1 Create your Group Buy Offer

Follow these steps to create your group buy Offer:

  1. Tap on the “Create New Offer” button (or Offer > Add).
  2. Upload image(s) of your Offer.
  3. Enter your Offer Name.
  4. Enter a description for your Offer.
  5. Assign a value to Price and Discount Price (if necessary).
  6. If there are options, create using the “Add More Options” button.
  7. Set an Offer Effective Date for your Offer to let members know when the offer will end.
  8. Set your Group Buy Target.
  9. Set your Group Buy Duration. *can be the same with Offer end-date or X days after a Jio starts. A countdown timer will be shown.
  10. Set your preferred Payment Option.
  11. Select which estate(s) you would like your Offer to show up.
  12. Add FAQs (e.g. the number to PayNow or PayLah! to) if necessary and they will be visible to all members.
  13. Tap on “Submit” and your Offer will be created.

2.2 Let Members Convert Offer into a Jio

Now that you have created an offer, you just have to wait for members to convert it into Jios in their estates!

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2.3 Respond to Member’s Enquiries

All enquiries about Offers and Jios are at your fingertips. Simply tap on “Enquiry” and you can filter the chats by types.

You may receive up to 3 types of Enquiry from EstateJio members:

  1. Offer Enquiry Member may enquire with you about an Offer before they order. This is a private chat between you and the member.
  2. Jio Enquiry – Member may have more questions for you after they started a Jio. This is also a private chat between you and the member.
  3. Q&A with Provider – Member may start a topic about the Jio. The topic and your response will be visible to all members in the estate.

While you are unable to initiate a chat with every EstateJio member, you can do so with members who have placed an order via Jios. To do so, tap on ‘View Order List’ button. Learn more here.

2.4 Process Order

When a Jio has hit the target on the end date, you will be notified via email and mobile. Then, you may proceed to download the order list:

  1. Tap on “View Order List” button to view order list.
  2. To confirm the order list, tap on the “Acknowledge” button.
  3. Tap on “Download Order” button to have the full order list sent to your email.

What to do if you like to fulfil orders from a Jio despite the target not being met?

If you choose to, you may fulfil orders from a Jio which has passed the stipulated end-date. To do so, simply:

  1. Tap on “Confirm Jio” button to inform the members.
  2. Tap on “View Order List” button to view the order list.
  3. You may want to use the “Chat” feature to update members.
  4. Tap on “Download Order” button to have the full order list sent to your email.

Finally, when you are ready to deliver (or have delivered) the orders, tap on “Delivered”.

Wait, what about payment?

You may use the Payment Request function to inform members on your preferred payment mode – such as the number to PayLah! or PayNow, and by when to make the payment), or using the Chat feature after you have acknowledged the orders.

To chat with members (individually), simply tap on “View Order List” then “Chat”. At the moment, our Member app does not have an in-app payment feature.

In-app payment is coming soon to EstateJio Member app!

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