EstateJio Provider App User Guide – 3 Ways I Can Chat With Members!

EstateJio Provider App User Guide – 3 Ways I Can Chat With Members!

As a Provider, how can I chat with members on the EstateJio app?

The EstateJio provider app not only lets you create group buy offers, it can also let you communicate with the participants!

How to Chat With Members?

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1. When Member PM you regarding a group buy Offer

An EstateJio member can private message (PM) you to enquire about the group buy Offer and Jio. To access these private messages :

  1. Tap on “Enquiry”
  2. Filter the chats according to your preference: All Chats, Jio Chats or Offer Chats

Note: As a Provider, you are unable to start a PM with a member until they have placed an order. *See Point 3.

estatejio q&a with members

2. Q&A with Members in a Jio

There is a chat channel called “Q&A with Provider” on the member app. Likewise, the same channel is also available on the provider app, albeit with a different name – “Q&A with Members”.

What is Q&A with Provider?

It is a channel for both you and members to communicate publicly. Members will likely use it to ask questions to which your responses are beneficial to all. Any question raised will appear on the Jio page under “Q&A with Members” (below “Reviews”). You can respond directly by tapping on the “reply” icon.

Ok, then can I initiate a Q&A with Members?

Yes, you can. To initiate a Q&A, tap on “Broadcast Message to Buyers” on your chosen Jio page.

3. PM with Member after order has been placed

As mentioned earlier, only when a member has placed a Jio order are you able to PM the member. This can be achieved when you:

  1. Tap on the Jio from “Jios”
  2. Tap on “View Order List”
  3. Tap on “Chat” on a member’s tile

So why am I able to PM the member at this stage?

After a member placed an order, a private line of contact between the two of you is created. Hence, you are now able to initiate a PM with them.

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