How EstateJio Works? Group Buy App Beginner’s Guide Explained in 5 Easy Steps!

How Do I Group Buy on EstateJio? Beginner's Guide Explained in 5 Easy Steps!

How EstateJio works? The ABCs of how to group buy on the EstateJio App.

How EstateJio Works in 5 Steps:

One of the main features of EstateJio is to join all existing group buy deals with your neighbours. Here’s a guide on how EstateJio works after becoming a member.

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  • estatejio estate page
  • estatejio join estate

How EstateJio Works #1: Join an estate

After logging in, the first thing you need to do is to join your respective residential/commercial estate. This is what you should do:

  1. Find your estate using the search field on “Discover” page (bottom navigation bar)
  2. Tap on the estate you want
  3. Tap on “Join Estate”
  4. Fill up the field(s) as per required
  5. Tap on “Request to join estate”


  1. Tap on “More” (bottom navigation bar)
  2. Tap on “My Estates”
  3. Enter your postal code or the estate’s name on the text field
  4. Tap on the estate you want
  5. Tap on “Join Estate”
  6. Fill up the field(s) as per required
  7. Tap on “Request to join estate”
  • estatejio my estate page
  • estatejio propose estate

1.1 Propose an estate

Can’t find your estate? Get EstateJio to include it by tapping on the “Propose a new estate” button:

  1. Enter your estate name
  2. Enter your postal code
  3. Enter your address
  4. Tap on “Propose”

We will notify you when the proposed estate is open via email. This may take up to 3 working days.

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How EstateJio Works #2: Turn Offer into a Jio

On your joined-estate page, you will likely see a variety of Offers and Jios. An Offer is a community group buy deal that a Business Provider offers to your estate. On the other hand, a Jio is an Offer initiated by another member.

An easy way to differentiate the two is that a Jio tile has its unique countdown timer. The timer implies that this is an on-going group buy and let you know how much time is left for the group to meet the group buy target.

To turn an Offer into a Jio, you should:

  1. Tap on the Offer of choice
  2. Tap on “Start to Jio”
  3. Tap on “Begin Jio”
  4. Tap on “Place Order”
  5. Select your quantity
  6. Tap on “Order Now”

*If you have any enquiry, you may tap on “Enquiry” to private message the Business Provider.

If you are simply joining a Jio started by your neighbour:

  1. Tap on the Jio of choice
  2. Tap on “Place Order”
  3. Select your quantity
  4. Tap on “Order Now”

*In a Jio, there are 3 types of messaging under “Enquiry” for users to utilize:

  1. Group Discussion – to chat with fellow neighbours who joined the Jio
  2. PM with Provider – to private message Business Provider
  3. Q&A with Provider – discussion channel where you can ask Business Provider something and anyone who joined the estate and visited the Jio page can see.

Find out more about “Enquiry” here.

How EstateJio Works #3: Share Jio link to neighbours

Now that you have successfully started a Jio, you can get neighbours to join in by sharing the link:

  1. Tap on “Orders” (bottom navigation bar)
  2. Select the Jio
  3. Tap on the “Share” icon
  4. Select your medium of choice to share the URL

Upon tapping on the URL, your neighbours will be brought to the respective Jio where they can place their orders. If they have not signed up as members, the link will direct them to download the EstateJio app on either Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

*To successfully complete the Jio, the group buy target must be met.

  • estatejio order confirmation

How EstateJio Works #4: Business Provider will acknowledge your successful Jio

When your Jio has met its group buy target, you will receive an order confirmation after the Business Provider acknowledged your order. After that, simply wait for your order to be shipped.

  • estatejio order received

How EstateJio Works #5: Mark your order as “Completed”

You will be notified when your order has been shipped by the Business Provider. Upon receiving your order, you may mark it as “Completed”. To do so:

  1. Tap on “Orders” (bottom navigation bar)
  2. Select the Jio
  3. Tap on “Order Received”

Even if you did not perform the aforementioned action, the system will automatically marked your order as “Completed” after 7 days.

  • estatejio add review

How EstateJio Works #6: Write a review (Bonus)

After you have tried the product, write a customer review to help other EstateJio members make a better buying decision, to share your buying experience, or to reward the Business Provider for good performance!

To write a review, you can:

  1. Tap on “Orders” (bottom navigation bar)
  2. Select the Jio
  3. Tap on “Add Review” to write your review.

Your review will be visible on the Offer page for everyone (including other estates) to see. Alternatively, you can write your review on the Offer or Jio page.

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