Wanted: Experienced Group Buy Hosts

Jio Leaders - experienced group buy hosts Singapore

At EstateJio, we help Group Buy Hosts to kick-start group buys efficiently in their own neighbourhoods, industrial estates and business parks. Now, we are going one step further by recruiting successful Group Buy Hosts to collaborate with other Group Buy Hosts on their quality group buys.

Ultimately, we aim to create an eco-system of group buy hosts who help with one another, benefiting the community at large.

What is the role of a Jio Leader?

  • Allows other Group Buy Hosts to tag along to his/her own group buys
  • Arrange with suppliers based on the orders received
  • Liaise with other fellow Group Buy Hosts for order delivery or self-collection

What’s in it for me?

Expand your reach to more estates/regions by tapping on other group buy hosts’ contacts. Also, along the way, you can get some extra income.

What’s the criteria to be a Jio Leader?

We are looking for highly experienced group buy hosts with quality group buys. Think you fit the bill? Fill up the form below and we will contact you soon!

We are also looking for Group Buy Hosts as collection points in the estates.

Your Group Buy Group

Here’s what some Group Buy Hosts say about EstateJio:

EstateJio saves me a lot of time when consolidating orders and calculating the total payment amount. It is also much easier for residents to know what are my current ongoing group buys!

Fiona from Bishan Group Buy

The app is user-friendly and easy to use. I like that I can export the order list into Excel sheet with all the individual order information, making the group buy process easier and more efficient for me.

Ching from The Verandah @ Matilda

Wonderful app to use. I now do not need to individually request for payment from the buyers. Using the app, I am able to easily send payment requests to all buyers with a single tap. Highly recommended to use for group buy hosts!

Mary from Waterway Cascadia