8 Amazing Mid-Autumn Festival Group Buy Ideas

8 Amazing Mid-Autumn Festival Group Buy Ideas

Mid-Autumn Festival, or Mooncake Festival, is a traditional Chinese holiday with a history spanning over 3,000 years. It originated from the custom of moon worshipping during the Shang Dynasty and was first celebrated as a national festival during the Northern Song Dynasty.

In Singapore, the Chinese celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with family gatherings, paper lanterns and mooncakes. As the moon on this night will be round and bright, moon-viewing parties and stroll in the parks are common ways for families to appreciate the moon.

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Tuesday, 21 September 2021. To get the best bang for the buck, consider participating in group buys. Here are some ideas what you can consider joining/starting a group buy for.

P.S. Talk to Business Providers you trust and know to see if they can offer group buy so you and your neighbours (or friends) can enjoy bulk-pricing!

Mid-Autumn Festival Group Buy Ideas:

mooncakes four seasons hotel singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Four Seasons Hotel>

1. Mooncakes

The star of the Mid-Autumn Festival is definitely the mooncake. Legend has it that mooncakes were used by Chinese rebels to smuggle hidden messages during the end of the Yuan Dynasty.

Like many traditional Chinese pastries, mooncakes are best enjoyed with a cup of freshly-brewed Chinese tea. Today, you’ll find them in an assortment of flavours. From traditional ones with lotus seed paste and egg yolk to snowskin versions filled with the imaginable indulgences, there is something new to tickle your taste buds every year.

Examples: BONZ, Golden Moments, Tai Chong Kok, Yàn

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mooncake making class
<Photo Credit: UCSC Chinese Student Association>

2. Mooncake Making Workshop

The weeks leading up to Mid-Autumn Festival, many bakeries, hotels and restaurants in Singapore will be eager to sell you their beautifully-packaged mooncakes. This year, instead of splurging at your local fair, why not learn to make your own?

There are actually lots of working going into these intricate pastries. You can learn and appreciate the art of making mooncakes by joining a workshop with your friends or neighbours!

Examples: Baker’s Brew, Creative Culinaire, BakeAvenue

chinese tea
<Photo Credit: Chinese Tea Info>

3. Chinese Tea

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes and Chinese tea are akin to bread and butter. But do you know the ideal tea to pair with your mooncakes?

A pot of palette-cleansing tea can most definitely help with digestion. For starter, if you are eating mooncakes with nuts, meat or yolk, Pu-erh tea is a good match as it helps to break down cholesterol. To lower “internal heat”, simply add chrysanthemum. Alternatively, Hawthorn Shanzha can promote gastric acid secretion and help with digestion as well.

Pair white or green tea with sweet mooncakes, like those filled with lotus seed paste or red beans. They can increase glucose metabolism, and the lighter taste will help mellow out the sweetness lingering on your palette.

Finally, for salty and sweet mooncakes such as the Suzhou-style pork mooncakes, go with a fine pot of semi-fermented tea such as Tieguanyin.

Examples: Tea Chapter, Yixing Xuan Teahouse. Pekoe & Imp

chinese tea appreciation workshop
<Photo Credit: City Nomads>

4. Chinese Tea Workshop

You drink the tea, but do you have an appreciation for the way of tea – Cha Dao (茶道)? Perhaps now is a good time to appreciate the ancient art of Chinese tea making and learn about the tea culture.

Thanks to its rich history, Chinese tea has its nuances. Yet, few have truly experienced the ambience and therapeutic effects of the traditional art of Chinese tea making. Like oenophiles and their hunt for the perfect grape wines, tea masters will pursue the perfect tea leaf just as fervently!

Examples: Yixing Xuan Teahouse, Pekoe & Imp

chinese tea set
<Photo Credit: Umi Tea Sets>

5. Tea Gift Set

Tired of gifting mooncakes? A tea set makes a significant gift when celebrating the end of the autumn harvest too!

Examples: Yixing Xuan Teahouse, UmiTeaSets

peking duck spring court singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Spring Court>

6. Roasted Duck

Duck is the go-to fowl at the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner table because the meat is thought to be particularly rich at this time of year. It is also believed that eating duck in autumn is good for one’s health as pathogenic heat can be expelled, restoring the balance of yin and yang in the body.

Like the mooncake, there is an apocryphal story surrounding the Han Chinese and Mongols during the Yuan Dynasty. Fearing that their secret mission to overthrow the Mongols would be exposed, the Han people allegedly hid the code words “Eating duck at the Mid-Autumn Festival” in mooncakes. The Han Chinese called the Mongolians “Dazi” at the time, which sounds like “Yazi” (duck in mandarin).

Today, duck remains a popular choice of food. While every province in China has its style of preparing duck, here in Singapore, whole roasted duck remains the most prevalent.

Examples: Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint, Kam’s Roast

pomelo fruits
<Photo Credit: Healthline>

7. Polemo Fruits

A symbol of prosperity and good luck, the pomelo is a fruit commonly consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This large citrus fruit boasts high levels of Vitamic C and is rich in fibre. According to Chinese folklore, pomelo is a favourite fruit of the moon goddess Chang’e.

Examples: Fresh SG, H&Z Global

lantern making esplanade singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Esplanade Theatre>

8. Lantern Making Workshop

The Mid-Autumn Festival is not just about food! Gift your family a lantern-making experience and get the kids excited about making their very own lantern.

Examples: Artisan Han’s, Esplanade

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