The 5 Beautiful Paint Colours To Experiment With in 2020

The 5 Beautiful Paint Colours To Experiment With in 2020

Good news, new BTO flat homeowners!

Pantone, the world’s authority on colours, and different paint brands have released their respective colours of the year. And for 2020, we are seeing a prevalence of cool paint colours, mostly greens. Associated with feelings of calm and tranquillity, these paint colours are deliberately chosen to instil us with confidence and optimism we need entering the new decade.

Whether you are finding inspiration for your new BTO flat, or you simply wish to update your home interior with a fresh coat of paint, consider working with these colours. Discuss with your interior designer to see how you can incorporate them into your abode!

classic blue pantone colour 2020 singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Excellence Magazine>

1. Classic Blue by Pantone

The first paint colour on this list is somewhat an oxymoron. Classic Blue feels more like your typical blue than a trendy one. Chosen by Pantone, the lingua franca of colours, this enduring hue (Pantone 19-4052) is meant to “bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit” as we venture into a new era.

What’s great about Classic Blue is precisely its un-trendiness. You can’t really go wrong when used in your home. It works well with other neutrals, but more importantly, it will never look dated.

Pro-tip: Classic Blue is ideal for the living room and bedroom because of its elegant presentation. Although a strong colour, you can make it feel less intimidating by pairing with other neutral tones.

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tranquil dawn dulux colour 2020 singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Dulux>

2. Tranquil Dawn by Dulux

For 2020, Dulux colour experts have selected a pale greyish green – Tranquil Dawn. Inspired by the fleeting beauty of the morning sky, this hue is the perfect antidote to the hectic modern living by “giving homes the human touch”.

Tranquil Dawn is great for creating spaces dedicated to play or care. When used with a sandy tone, it creates a relaxing and nurturing space. As a green, it is also a nod to elements of the natural landscape – perfect for promoting wellbeing and positive interactions.

Pro-tip: Juxtapose Tranquil Dawn with furnishings of bolder tones, such as tan leather and black ash timber, to create a minimalist aesthetic. Throw in comforting fabrics, cushions and mood-boosting indoor plants to complete this light and airy look.

  • tranquil dawn colour 2020 Dulux
  • tranquil dawn colour 2020 Dulux
  • tranquil dawn colour 2020 Dulux
  • tranquil dawn colour 2020 Dulux
  • tranquil dawn colour 2020 Dulux

first light benjamin moore colour 2020 singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Elle Decor>

3. First Light by Benjamin Moore

The team over at Benjamin Moore wanted a colour that best represents a “new dawn of idealism, design, and living”. The result? A flattering soft pink called First Light (2102-70).

Although decidedly more feminine than the other paint colours in this list, First Light is a refreshing alternative to your usual white or beige, This airy pink flatters any space and plays well with other colours.

Pro-tip: First Light is a safe way to bring colours into your home. View it as a new kind of neutral, rather than pink. It is surprisingly adaptable and makes a perfect backdrop to anything.

  • first dawn benjamin moore colour 2020 singapore sg
  • first dawn benjamin moore colour 2020 singapore sg
  • first dawn benjamin moore colour 2020 singapore sg
  • first dawn benjamin moore colour 2020 singapore sg

jasper green nippon paint colour 2020 singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Nippon Paint>

4. Jasper Green by Nippon Paint

There is no space that cannot be graced by Jasper Green by Nippon Paint. Invoking the freshness of nature, this shade of green reflects urban society’s increasing turn towards the natural world.

Invite this soothing hue inside your home and be in the company of a whispered beauty. Jasper Green relaxes concrete-built environments and complements earthy shades of brown and terracotta. 

Pro-tip: Jasper Green works for an energetic space. Adorn the space by adding tactile and visual interest with grainy mineral surfaces and natural textiles from rope to rattan.

  • jasper green nippon colour 2020 singapore sg

twilight lagoon gush colour 2020 singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Home & Decor Singapore>

5. Twilight Lagoon by Gush

For Gush, Singapore’s sustainable paint manufacturer, Twilight Lagoon is their colour of choice for 2020. While also a shade of green, Twilight Lagoon differentiates itself from the others with its duskier tone, the result from a blend of emerald and cobalt.

Pro-tip: Twilight Lagoon evokes the serenity of a still waterbody. This colour creates a calming effect, especially when used in bedrooms.

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