Healthy Shiitake Mushroom Chips Group Buy by Mushroom Kingdom

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Introducing a healthier alternative to sinful snacks – Mushroom Kingdom’s Shiitake Mushroom Chips

Today, many Singaporeans are hit with a serious dietary conundrum – how can I eat healthier? While understanding the need to eat healthier, we are often enticed to make unhealthy choices as healthy food tend to be more expensive, or they are simply just not as tasty.

Thankfully, Mushroom Kingdom is determined to help change this mindset by ‘snackifying’ healthy food to make it more appealing. It’s time to switch out your conventional snacks for some vegan-friendly shiitake mushroom chips instead.

Not convinced about the crispy shiitake mushroom chips? Watch the public’s reactions as they try them for the first time!

1. Shiitake Mushroom Chips – Cholesterol-free and low in calories

Snacking is no longer a guilty pleasure when you are savouring the umami flavour of healthy shiitake mushroom chips. Not only are the chips in calories, but they are also fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and very low in sodium. You can’t help but finish the whole packet because it is that good!

Mushroom Kingdom Shroom Bites Singapore
<Photo Credit: Mushroom Kingdom>

Besides being available in Zero Seasoning, these crunchy Shiitake mushroom chips come in three flavours — Original, Wasabi and Black Pepper.

These chips are made from fresh organic shiitake mushrooms sourced from farms in Yun Lin, Taiwan. The mushrooms have to undergo a unique dehydration process for 6 hours before being air-fried and lightly-seasoned. This state-of-the-art technology actually helps the mushrooms to preserve their shapes and nutrients such as selenium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin D.

With over 20 rounds of R&D and taste-tests are performed, Mushroom Kingdom has perfected their crispy shiitake mushroom chips recipe. Today, a packet actually contains no more than 1% of seasoning content and have 70% less oil than conventional snacks.

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2. Mala Shiitake Sauce – Vegan-friendly with zero artificial colourings

mushroom kingdom mala shiitake sauce singapore sg
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Not into shiitake mushroom chips? No problem. Perhaps a jar of shiitake sauce might tickle your taste buds?

Developing mushroom chips has strengthened Mushroom Kingdom’s resolve to stay on the healthy route despite the appeal of new food trends.

Co-founder Janson recalled how the team has to forgo the plan for salted egg mushroom chips even though many customers requested for it. “We really didn’t want to be another addictive or sinful snack that is heavy on flavour and would most probably die off after some time when a new craze hits,” he explained.

Instead, they found a better opportunity in their vegan-friendly mala shiitake sauce. The sauce is kept healthy with reduced oil and preservatives. It complements your food, from rice and noodles to seasoning for cooking and hotpot soup base.

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<Photo Credit: Mushroom Kingdom>

3. About Mushroom Kingdom

Even if you have not heard of Mushroom Kingdom before today, chances are, you’ve been enjoying their organic fungi in Singapore since 2016.

Founded by Philbert Khoo, Janson Chan and Jay Neo in 2016, Mushroom Kingdom supplies fresh portobello, grey oyster mushrooms and black fungus to companies including Hai Di Lao, Elemen and Creative Eateries (Suki-Ya, RockU Yakiniku etc). Using advanced agricultural techniques, these fresh mushroom crops are cultivated without the use of chemical fertiliser and pesticides, in Johor Bahru.

In an interview with The Peak Magazine, Jay, who doubles as the chief marketing officer said that Mushroom Kingdom is focusing more on farm-to-table agribusiness.

“People should be able to have peace of mind when wanting to dine healthier, from having a sustainable, traceable source to a product that’s high in nutrition at an affordable price,” said Mr Neo.

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