4 Amazing Benefits About Solar Window Films You Need To Know!

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4 Amazing Benefits About Solar Window Films You Need To Know EstateJio Singapore sg

“Windows are the eyes to the house”

Windows are vital in any house setting. They invite natural light and fresh air into the home while framing the outside view. A rising trend today is the installation of solar window films.

Why would I want to darken my room, you ask? Well, that is a misconception.

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<Graph Credit: Arctic Window Tinting>

While solar window films reduce a percentage of visible light, the human eye does not perceive the reduction like a Spectrophotometer does. This means that if a window film allows 35% of visible light to be transmitted, your eyes do not perceive it as a 65% reduction.

So what exactly is the use of window film?

Window films help minimize the harmful effects of extreme sunlight. They use heat rejection technology to help control the level of UV rays from penetrating through the windows, reducing glare and keeping the scorching heat at bay.

To determine the specifications for window films, you can compare the measured VLT (Visible Light Transmittance) of the film against the perceived amount of light that the human eye typically sees.

Types of Solar Window Films

In general, there are 2 main types of heat rejection technology: Reflective and Absorptive. Some are a hybrid of the two.

1. Reflective Solar Films

Dual-reflective window films EstateJio Singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Solar Armor Window Film>

Mirror and metallic films are usually reflective films. They reflect the heat away. You can easily tell that these are reflective because they have a mirror effect on one side.

Pros: Allow more light into the house as the film can be less tinted. The film also acts as a veil, making it hard for people to look into your home.

Cons: Since metal components are integrated into the films, your network signals may be affected.

2. Absorptive Solar Films

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<Photo Credit: Under The Singapore Sun>

Absorptive solar films absorb heat and quickly transmits it away. Ceramic and Crystalline films have a high tolerance of heat so they are usually integrated into these films.

Pros: Less reflective effect, especially at night. This allows you more visibility when looking out the window at night. The film has a high heat absorption so your home is cooler.

Cons: Crystalline is an expensive material, so a piece of film using crystals comes with a higher price tag.

Benefits of Solar Window Films

The perks of installing solar window films are actually more significant than you realise.

1. Reduce Energy Bills

Since solar films can help regulate heat levels in your home, your air conditioning system does not have to work as hard to keep your room cool. This translates into lower energy bills.

2. Protection from UV radiations

Solar film can block up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful radiations. This, in turn, protects you and your family against skin ageing and various skin diseases.

3. Protect Furniture from UV rays and heat

UV rays and the excessive heat can also cause fading of furniture, flooring and upholstery. Solar films protect your furnishing the same way sunscreen protects your skin.

4. Protection from Glare

Solar films can reduce glare by up to 90%. Reduced glare means less strain on the eyes and increased visual comfort when watching television, reading or working at your workspace.

Window solar films are designed to keep the negative effects of sunlight away. By reducing the amount of heat gained through the transmission of sunlight, you get to enjoy natural light without worrying about harsh UV rays harming your skin and furniture. They can be combined with the use of curtains or blinds as an additional feature for your window solution. So what are you waiting for? Install them today!

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