Sustainably Farmed Barramundi – 5 Reasons to Buy From Local Brand Kühlbarra

kulhbarra barramundi farm to fork sg
kulhbarra barramundi farm to fork sg

Kühlbarra: fresh barramundi from farm to fork.

Eh, Singapore got sea farm meh? Yah, we do!

Kühlbarra – or more specifically, its parent company Barramundi Asia – is Singapore’s first and largest farm to rear barramundi out in the open sea. The large sea enclosures are directly over some of the strongest currents in Singapore, allowing the fish to grow in natural water conditions. Kühlbarra occupies 19 hectares of sea space off Pulau Semakau and boasts an annual production of 500 tonnes.

Today, Kühlbarra supplies antibiotic-and-growth-hormone-free barramundi to the local market and export worldwide to places like the USA, Australia, Hong Kong and South Korea.

* Barramundi is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, healthy fats, protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, sodium and potassium. Find out more about Barramundi health benefits here.

1. Why Buy Barramundi from Kühlbarra?

Apart from supporting local, here are 5 reasons why you should buy your barramundis from Kühlbarra:

kulhbarra from farm to table
<Photo Credit: Kühlbarra>

1.1 They adhere to the highest international aquaculture standards

There is no better way to farm fish in an environmental-friendly manner than in ocean waters. Kühlbarra is the first and only aquaculture company in Singapore that complies with Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), the world’s most trusted, comprehensive and proven third-party aquaculture certification programme.

Kühlbarra is also one of few fish farms in Singapore that is certified with GAP-FF (Good Aquaculture Practices for Fish Farming) – a set of guidelines that helps local fish farms improve in areas such as farm infrastructure management, farm husbandry, and fish health management.

These regulations and guidelines are followed to a T to ensure that farming activities do not harm or change the natural ecology and biodiversity. The fish farms, nurseries and hatcheries also conform to stringent biosecurity and husbandry practices that promote optimal grow-out conditions and periods.

kulhbarra barramundi feedin sg
<Photo Credit: misstamchiak>

1.2 They care for fish health

A team of aquaculturists, marine biologists, veterinarians and animal health professionals all work together to help the barramundi grow up strong and healthy.

The health of the barramundi is monitored across all enclosures through weekly sampling and testing of fish in different cages. Samples are sent for lab tests to ensure that mortality is low and bacteria, viruses and disease are kept at bay. Only preventative vaccines, not antibiotics, are used.

Kühlbarra has one of the best FCRs (Food Conversion Ratios) in the industry. This is achieved by combining unique know-how in animal husbandry, tight protocols and controls with the use of the best sustainable feed consisting of nutritionally-fortified vegetable proteins.

kuhlbarra sea cages
<Photo Credit: Kühlbarra>

1.3 Barramundis are reared ethically, efficiently and always in a sustainable way

Farming barramundi in open-waters is more sustainable than on land. Not only do they have more space to swim in, but the currents help to carry the nutrient-rich fish waste into deeper waters, thus enriching the sea.

This environmentally-sensitive approach is evident in the delicate coral reef that thrives just 200 meters away from the farm. So much so that it was even featured on Sir David Attenborough’s Wild City!

kulhbarra barramundi
<Photo Credit: Kühlbarra>

1.4 Toxins-free and safe for human consumption

To ensure that the barramundis are perfect for human consumption, BAPL/Kühlbarra only feeds them with nutritionally-fortified vegetable proteins. From fingerling to fry to adulthood, these formulation feeds promote optimal growth while keeping toxins out of their diets.

barramundi in sea cage
<Photo Credit: Kühlbarra>

1.5 Superior breed with sweet and clean-tasting meat

Sourced from the best Australian broodstock and farmed in Pulau Semakau, the barramundi from Kühlbarra tastes different from those farmed in freshwaters. It has a sweet and clean taste, different from those reared in brackish freshwaters.

<Photo Credit: Kühlbarra>

2. From Farm to Table

Barramundi simply doesn’t get any fresher than Kühlbarra’s!

Unlike many fish that normally travels through a series of middlemen for 5/6 days, Kühlbarra harvest to order within hours. Upon harvest, the fish are scaled, filleted, and vacuum-packed in a cold room to seal out contaminants.

Packed on fresh ice in insulated containers, they are then shipped out to your home via the Kühlbarra delivery team!

3. About Barramundi Asia

Founded by two Dutchmen – Joep Staarman and Hans den Bieman – in 2008, Barramundi Asia Pte Ltd (BAPL) draws on world-class sustainable fish farming practices and aquaculture technology to farm barramundi in the open waters of Singapore.

BAPL focuses on the full “farm-to-fork” value chain; owning its own Recirculating Aquaculture System hatchery, nursery, to deep-sea cage “grow-out” farms in energetic tidal environments. Upon harvest, it markets its products under the ‘Kühlbarra’ label.

As of 2020, BAPL operates both the largest barramundi farms in Singapore and Australia – deep seawater leases off Pulau Semaku Singapore, as well as in the pristine and remote Northern Australian coastlines of the Kimberley (Buccaneer Archipelago). The company also has plans to develop aquaculture infrastructure and operations in the waters of Brunei Darussalam.

For more information, visit Barramundi Asia website.

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