Tampines GreenRidges – 9 Amazing Spots To Know In Tampines

Tampines GreenRidges Singapore
What Can I Do For Fun In Tampines North?

Described as “budding communities within a green tapestry” by Housing and Development Board (HDB), Tampines North is looking to provide a holistic environment – one supported by green lungs – for residents to live, work, learn, and play.

No wonder Tampines GreenRidges attracts many new homebuyers, like yourself!

So while you wait for more gentrification with bated breath, here are some nearby unique finds/spots you can explore together with your family:

Clip 'n Climb Singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Young Parents>

1. Climb to greater heights at Our Tampines Hub

You have HomeTeamNS to thank for bringing New Zealand’s Clip ‘n Climb to Singapore.

An action-packed climbing theme park, Clip ‘n Climb caters to adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies of all ages. The facility has 19 exciting colourful climbing challenges with different difficulties suitable for all levels of climbers.

From putting on the harness to unbuckling the carabiners and mounting the walls, climbing is a great way to improve your focus, sensory and motor skills. A 90-mins experience will cost you S$25 at most.

Location: Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk #03-03, Singapore 528523
Website: https://www.hometeamns.sg/tampines/clipnclimb/

Tudor-style HDB blocks Tampines North Singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Twitter>

2. Make these Tudor-style blocks the backdrop for your next #OOTD

Unique HDB blocks can be Instagram-worthy. At Tampines Avenue 9, the facade of the HDB blocks (Blocks 491 to 496) is reminiscent of the English-styled cottages during the Tudor period. Originally brick red, they were updated as a result of a residents’ vote held in 2016.

These blocks in their black-and-white veneer and medieval charm stands in stark contrast to the others in the area. Make use of the grids and geometric designs at the void deck as the backdrop for your Kinfolk-inspired IG post!

Tip: The walls and ledges provide strong leading lines so use them if you’re looking to add some depth to your photos.

Tampines Chinese Temple Singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Roots.sg>

3. Locate a 270m long Chinese dragon sculpture

Fun Fact: Do you know there is a 270m long dragon sculpture that adorns Tampines Chinese Temple’s perimeter?

Opened in 1992, the Tampines Chinese Temple is the unification of the 12 Taoist temples that once stood in the area. Some of the temples were dated to the 19th century!

In the early 1980s, the individual temples were informed that they would have to relocate so as to make way for the development of Tampines Town. The funds for the construction of the new temple were raised through the efforts of philanthropists and the community.

Since its inauguration, the temple remains an important cultural landmark. There are nine altars enshrining deities of the 12 temples.

Location: 25 Tampines Street 21, Singapore 529394
Operating Hours: 6:30am to 8:30pm

Tampines Quarry Singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Teng Kok Wai>

4. Go hiking and biking in Tampines Quarry

Nature-lovers, rejoice!

Forget about MacRitchie Reservoir, Bukit Timah Hill and Pulau Ubin. You do not have to go far to trek when living in Tampines.

Tucked away behind Tampines Avenue 10 is a quarry that has been hidden from plain sight for decades. Unlike your typical neighbourhood parks, the Tampines Quarry is an abandoned site with untamed vegetation, uneven terrains and the unbeaten tracks. There are no manmade amenities like walkways, park benches, streetlights or toilets.

Today, the quarry remains a slice of green paradise sequestered from the modern world. It served as a park for nearby Tampines residents, from anglers and campers to hikers and bikers.

Tampines Eco Green Singapore sg
<Photo Credit: JustRunLah!>

5. Or head over to Tampines Eco Green for a stroll instead

Between Tampines Avenue 9 and Tampines Avenue 12 lies another slice of green paradise – Tampines Eco Green – albeit manicured compared to the untamed Tampines Quarry.

This 36-hectares eco-friendly park is a sanctuary for flora and fauna. Manmade structures are kept to a minimum to avoid intruding the green landscape. The open grasslands, freshwater wetlands and secondary rainforest create a haven that supports biodiversity. Over 75 species of birds, 20 species of dragonflies, 35 species of butterflies and 32 species of spiders can be found there!

Like the quarry, Tampines Eco Green also offers no lights or pavements. So, avoid making night visits.

News Flash – More green lungs are being added to the region with the upcoming two major projects being Boulevard Park and Quarry Park.

Tampines NEWater Service Reservoir
 Singapore sg

6. Find the inverted cone-shaped water tanks at Old Tampines Road

Drive along Old Tampines Road and you’ll spot these two UFO-looking structures. Turns out they are water storage tanks, not extraterrestrial in nature.

Measuring 43-metres wide and used to store NEWater for nearby electronic chip manufacturing factories, each tank can contain up to 8500 cubic metres of water – that’s 4 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of water!

Tampines St 41 Singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Grace Toh Xin Yi>

7. Reminisce about the good old days

In the age of the internet, TV test screen recalls a much simpler time. Perhaps that is exactly why residents of Tampines Street 42 chose to have this retro image be the face of their HDB blocks.

Spanning 6 floors and across 10 blocks, these test screens bring us back to the days where the analogue TV was the norm. You could almost hear the colour bar test tone if you stare at the mural long enough!

Tip: To capture the full glory of this nostalgic mural, head to the 6th floor of Block 417 and snap a picture of the mural on Block 418.

Tampines GreenForest Playground Singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Semec>

8. Bring kids to the coolest playground in Tampines Green Forest Park

Tampines Green Forest Park is home to a playground unlike any other. Besides your typical playground structure and fitness corner, get ready to be wowed by an obstacle course that is almost 2 storeys high.

This thrilling play space puts your balancing skills to the test. Navigate your way up the sturdy hexagonal spaces to the first tower. Then cross a series of cargo net bridges before riding the huge slide that will send you whooshing down!

Location: Block 879A Tampines Avenue 8, Singapore 521879

Tampines Food Co Singapore sg
<Photo Credit: Tampines Food Co>

9. Have a gastronomical experience at Tampines Food Co

A community of culinary delights in the heart Tampines North? You heard it here first!

Tampines Food Co serves a wide range of Asian and Western cuisines – over 20 F&B stores in fact – in their industrial-style establishment. Brands include Ayam Penyet President, Bellini’s Lasagne, Flameshack, Grain and Pizza Boy. From ayam penyet to Italians and wholesome food, there is plenty to tickle your taste buds. Despite this, don’t expect a waiter to wait on you. It is strictly do-it-yourself.

Browse the menus and make your payment at the kiosks before convening in the cosy dining area. Once your food is ready, pick it up from the designated lockers. Don’t forget to clear your table and throw any left-over into the bin area when you’re done!

Must-try: Flameshack’s truffle burgers

Location: 10 Tampines North Drive 4, #01-05 JTC Space, Singapore 528553
Operating Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm
Website: https://tampinesfood.co/

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