Not Sure How to Use The 3 Enquiry Channels on EstateJio? You Should Find This Useful!

Not Sure How to Use The 3 Enquiry Channels on EstateJio? You Should Find This Useful!

What’s the difference between PM with Provider and Q&A with Provider? Learn about when to use which enquiry channel when group buying on EstateJio!

You may have noticed that when you tap on “Enquiry” on a group buy (Jio), you are brought to a text messaging platform with 3 different channels – Group Discussion, PM with Provider and Q&A with Provider. If you are new and unfamiliar with the EstateJio group buy app, this can be quite confusing.

Don’t fret, each channel is actually designed to serve a specific function that we hope will make your group buying experience better. Read on to get acquainted with them!

The 3 Types of Enquiry Channels on EstateJio

estatejio group discussion

1. Group Discussion

Use the “Group Discussion” channel to text with fellow neighbours who have joined the Jio. It lets you discuss the Jio privately without involving the Business Provider.

estatejio private message with provider

2. PM with Provider

If you would like to privately text the Business Provider for whatever reason, choose “PM with Provider”. The Business Provider may also use this channel to chat with you, for example, to collect payment.

estatejio q&a-provider

3. Q&A with Provider

Last but not least, if the group would like a channel to discuss the Jio with Business Provider, use “Q&A with Provider”. You can start a topic, and the Business Provider can respond directly. Every message on this channel will be visible to both parties. Fellow neighbours can also follow up on the same thread. This channel is best for enquiries to which the Business Provider’s responses are beneficial/relevant to all the Jio participants.

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