Go Nuts for The Three Squirrels (三只松鼠) Gift Pack!

Go Nuts for The Three Squirrel (三只松鼠) Gift Pack!

The Three Squirrels Snack Gift Bag is perfect for personal consumption or as a Chinese New Year gift!

The Three Squirrels Snack Gift Bag consists of nuts, dried fruits and comes with a pretty gift packaging – perfect for personal consumption or as a Chinese New Year gift. Group buy with your neighbours today!

The Three Squirrels Snack Gift Bag

1. The Three Squirrels Snack Gift Bag


Group Buy Price: $24.90 $21

Group Buy Target: 5 Units

Offer Period: Now till 7/2/2021

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The Three Squirrels Snack Gift Pack List

1.1 What’s in the gift bag?

Each gift set comes with the following packs:

  1. Almonds (160 g)
  2. Crab Roe Broad Beans (205 g)
  3. Beef-Flavoured Broad Beans (205 g)
  4. Crab Roe Melon Seeds (218 g)
  5. Mixed Dried Fruits (200 g)
  6. Flavoured Peanuts (265 g)
  7. 5-Spiced Sunflower Seeds (150 g)

Each gift bag has a shelf life of more than 9 months.

Almonds (160 g)
Crab Roe Broad Beans (205 g)
Flavoured Peanuts (265 g)
Beef-Flavoured Broad Beans (205 g)

1.2 What customers say?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Received in good condition. Nice packaging, ideal gift for Chinese New Year!”

Ashley Chow

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Very big packet of different nut, taste very nice as well . Will buy more if I want to use as a gift.”

Ken Chua

2. About The Three Squirrels

Founded in 2012 by Zhang Liao Yuan, Three Squirrels is China’s largest online snacks retailer. Inferring from the brand name, one can easily tell that their mainstay is nuts. Started on online-shopping platforms such as Alibaba and JD.com, they have since established a physical presence across China, via channels such as its brick-and-mortar “Three Squirrels Feeding Stores”, self-operated stores in alliance with various partners, partnerships with Alibaba’s Lingshoutong, and in large local supermarket chains.

So who are the three squirrels? They are Little Cool, Little Beauty and Little Cheap. Inspired by The Three Musketeers, these cute squirrels are more than just part of the brand logo, they are present on all marketing campaigns, such as product sales pages and product packaging. The use of these vivid squirrels allows the company to attract younger consumers successfully, with females, between the age of 18 to 34, making over half of their clientele.

The Three Squirrels has over 500 products in three main categories – nuts, baked goods and meat products. However, they do not make their own. In actuality, Three Squirrels places snack orders with corresponding manufacturers, then package them with its brand and marketing.

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