Top 5 Popular Group Buys This Week in Singapore

Top 5 Popular Group Buys in Singapore Trending Groupbuys this week
Top 5 popular group buys in Singapore trending groupbuy

Looking for what to group buy in your neighbourhood? We round up the best group buys you can find in Singapore and EstateJio. Come back each week, as this list will be updated weekly.

Group buy together with your neighours today!

Group Buy: Brownies and Brookies by The Backyard Bakers

Highly-raved and popular brownies and brookies. Price starting from $5.30
Nutella Hazelnut Brownie: “One of their best-sellers, this is the one to go for if you are a chocolate lover! Take a bite, and you will be surprised by the burst of chocolate taste. This brownie is definitely the winner for us — it had a crumbly exterior and was generously studded with chunks of melted milk chocolate.” – Ladyironchef
Valrhona Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate Brookie: “With a crumbly yet chewy cookie-like exterior, and a smooth and creamy dark chocolate filling.” – Eatbook
“Brownies so good, you won’t mind buying them in bulk!” – TimeOut
Estate: All Punggol estates
Order link:

Pineapple Bakkwa / Royal Slice by Kim Peng Hiang 金品香

Bakkwa (500g) from $25! 
Ranked 1st Bakkwa in 8days! 😃 You may choose between Pineapple Bakkwa or Royal Slice.
Estate: Fiona’s Bishan GB Group
Hosted by: Fiona
Order link:

UV ProCare 2-in-1 Sterilizer & Dryer by Steinman

UV Sterilizer & Dryer
With UV ProCare, you can disinfect and sterilise just about any everyday objects (mobile phones, wallets, utensils, toys, milk bottles, etc.) in a safe, quick and effective manner. UV ProCare is both toxic-free and environmentally friendly with no use of any harmful chemicals and is absolutely safe for anyone to use (even kids). Steinman offers the very best in UV disinfection and sterilization products with an obsessive attention to the design and finishing.
Free home delivery. Comes with 1 year warranty. Group Buy available in EstateJio app.

Cold Brew Coffee by 1degreeC 

Cold Brew Coffee by 1degreeC
Steeped over 16 hours, 1degreeC Cold Brew delivers a well-balanced coffee, low in acidity and rich in flavor. Their healthy Cold Teas are brewed using herbs, plants and spices. Also called tisanes or herbal teas, they are brewed and infused to retain the natural goodness of the produce. Best enjoyed straight from the bottle or with a few cubes of ice. A healthy and refreshing beverage to invigorate your senses any day, any time. 
Hosted by: Yishun Group Buy

Ang Ku Kueh by Ji Xiang Confectionery

Traditional Handmade Ang Ku Kuehs. Comes in rainbow colours too!
Estate: All Punggol estates
Order link:

Have a group buy that you feel should be part of this list? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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