Support Local Business: 2 Unique Xishi Bak Kwa Flavours To Group Buy For This CNY!

Xishi Bak Kwa Group Buy 2021: 2 Tasty Flavours Not To Be Missed This CNY!
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Bak Kwa – everyone’s favourite Chinese New Year delicacy – now on EstateJio!

Bak kwa (barbecued pork jerky) is popular amongst Chinese ethnic communities; especially so during Chinese New Year. Its deep red colour is considered auspicious in Chinese tradition, symbolising good luck and believed to ward off negative energies.

Thought to have originated from Fujian province in China, bak kwa is a delicacy reserved for the new year. To make it lasts longer, the pork was sliced thinly, marinated with sugar and spices, air-dried and cooked over a hot plate.

In Singapore, pork slices are usually air-dried, then grilled over charcoal for a sweet and smoky flavour. Beyond being tasty, bak kwa is also called “long yoke” in Cantonese, which means to have good fortune.

1. Xishi Bak Kwa

Besides the conventional ones, Xishi Bak Kwa has introduced two new flavours, just in time for Chinese New Year 2021!

Available to group buy on EstateJio:

1.1 Goji Berry Bak Kwa

  • No preservatives;
  • No food additives;
  • 100% natural ingredients;
  • goji berries are rich in healthy antioxidants, have anti-aging properties, alleviate dry eyes and boost the immune system.


$30 $28 (500 g)

xishi ginseng berry bak kwa

1.2 Ginseng Bak Kwa

  • No preservatives;
  • No food additives;
  • 100% natural ingredients;
  • ginseng promotes metabolism, boost the immune system and improves the overall health.


$34 $30 (500 g)

2. About Xishi Bak Kwa

In the 1970s, Mr Koh Hock Bin, then a young chap working in a dim sum shop, was roped in to help the chef of a bak kwa shop next door during the festive season. Recognizing Mr Koh’s talent and diligence, the chef asked him to stay on and passed on his traditional bak kwa recipes.

Inherited the traditional recipe of bak kwa from his master, Mr Koh established his brand – Xishi Bak Kwa (西施肉干) – in 1985. To excite and attract younger customers, the barbeque master and his daughter have since created over 15 types of bak kwa – including mala, monascus, goji berry and ginseng.

Despite the extensive, more trendy menu, one thing remains unchanged. While most brands have switched to machines when producing their bak kwa, XiShi still uses a charcoal smokehouse to barbeque their meat to achieve the smoky taste.

For more information, visit XiShi Facebook page.

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